"Wall of Memory"

On Memorial Day of 2020 The Washingtonville Events Council had invited everyone to light up their homes in memory of their loved ones for ceremonies and gatherings had been canceled throughout the nation. During a trying and difficult time of loss during a major quarantine period, where many could not gather in memory of their loved ones both past AND recent loss, the WEC dedicated this wall to those who have lost their lives in active duty and/or those who have lost their lives due to corona related illness. If you wish to have your loved ones name on this wall, please email their name to WashingtonvilleEvents@gmail.com. No Questions asked. 

In Memory of:

Frank Patrone

Salvatore Mancuso

Gianmarco Bertolotti

Nibea Hernandez

Steven Reineke

Sonny Rolando 

Michael Frisbee

Arthur Stevens

George E. Wagenblast

Denis Curran

Kathleen Warren Nelson

Robert W. Brown